Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa shower repair cork. we can install or repair Mira showers to any shape or size bathroom.

Aqualisa showers come in many different types, here are just a few.

Aqualisa Electric Showers

Aqualisa Electric showers are Safe and simple to use, straightforward to install and at no extra demand to your home’s stored water.

Aqualisa is at the forefront of electric shower technology and created some of the most stylish and powerful electric shower systems available.

All of Aqualisa’s electric showers feature a height adjustable shower head and many models offer multiple spray patterns.

Aqualisa Digital showers

Aqualisa is where digital showers and digital showering technology began. Unlike a conventional shower, a digital shower is controlled remotely and by a small processor box.  This has many advantages, not least easy installation.  In fact, a digital shower is one of the very best options for replacing a shower.

Super safe, reliable and ideal for every type of bathroom, Aqualisa’s digital showers feature one touch, push button controls and an LED display that lets you know when your digital shower has reached your chosen temperature.  Digital shower controls can be situated virtually anywhere that is convenient to you, too.

An Aqualisa Digital showers offers a lot of other clever options too, including a wireless remote control that allows you to operate your digital shower from outside the bathroom.

Aqualisa  Quartz Digital

AqualisaWith its ease of use and reliable, temperature perfect showering, it’s hard to imagine how a Quartz Digital shower could be bettered.  A push button allows easy, instant switching between the showers wall-fixed, drencher shower head.


  • Thermostatically controlled showering
  • Switch between 105mm, adjustable shower head and 250mm wall-fixed, drencher shower head at the touch of a button
  • Push button, one touch controls
  • LED display indicates when water has reached pre-set temperature
  • Comes complete with a drencher shower head and an adjustable, shower head
  • Adjustable shower head has 4 spray patterns, including a water saving eco-spray