Shower Installation

SHOWER INSTALLATION CORK – A brand new electric shower will change your bathroom and add value to your home.

shower installation corkOur shower installation cork experts are all approve and offer a fast, reliable service.  Our expert team will put in an electric shower, whatever the size or shape of your bathroom.  We can complete the job with speed and skill.

You can sit back and relax knowing that all our shower installation is completed to the very highest standards of safety and craftsmanship by a member of our team, who are all expertly trained

There are two main parts of your shower installation, they are electrical & plumbing

shower installation cork – Your electric shower will be plumbed to your main or tank, depending on the shower, and fitted with an isolation valve by our highly trained shower plumbing expert.

We can advise you on the right type of shower for your home

Electric Showers instantaneous water heater that heats up on demand from a cold mains water supply, flow rate depends upon the time allowed to heat water

Power Showers two types of power showers are available all in one and a remote pump to but it simply they are very similar to a mixer shower but pump assisted

One of the main benefits of an electric shower installation is they can be installed in any household, regardless of what hot water system is installed. They are connected directly to the cold water supply and create hot water on demand. (So yes, no running out of hot water).

Plumbing a shower system may be tricky to undertake as connection to the heating boiler must be positioned just right for the water flow.

To achieve full power shower performance, you will need to install a manufacturer compatible shower pump too.