Triton Showers

Triton shower repair cork. we can install or repair Mira showers to any shape or size bathroom.

We have been installing & repairing triton showers for a good few years now.  What we are able to offer is a quality, professional service with expert advice.

So if you are looking to either buy a Triton Shower, or have a Triton Shower Installation carried out , or simply that your existing Triton Shower needs Repaired, you have come to the right website.

Here are just a few Triton Models, Triton has to offer!

Triton T80

The T80z

The T80Z fast-fit is the ultimate replacement to any shower.  It is the very latest generation of Ireland and Britain’s bestselling shower.

The Triton T80z is easy to fit.

The high quality design simplifies installation with cable and water entry options from all possible directions.

The all chrome finish, including co-ordinated chrome controls, will add an elegant finish to any bathroom.

Triton T90Z

Triton T90ZThe T90Z brings a cool easy style to any bathroom. Sculpted curves draw the eye into central detail.

Chrome accents around the controls add a fresh modern feel, while a high intensity blue LED power indicator emits a bright clear light for easier indication.


3 power settings: “cold “ ideal for rinsing, “economy” for energy saving use when the incoming water is warmer and “high” to achieve the maximum water heating capability of the shower

Temperature control with a good grip and clear markings for easy temperature selection

Easy to install – Cable and pipe entry positions at the top, bottom and back on the left hand side of the shower (see diagram below)

5 spray patterns for an individual showering experience; from an invigorating central jet through to a soothing wider spray pattern

Aspirante Power Shower

Triton aspiranteUnder a beautifully restrained polished chrome fascia, this power shower has an integrated pump that provides a luxuriously high flow rate of 14 litres per minute. Matched with an all chrome riser rail and handset this model offers optimum style and performance in any bathroom.


Thermostatic control – constantly regulated temperature gives the user more precise control and safer showering

Adjustable maximum temperature stop – reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high

5 spray patterns